It’s common for gym members to bounce from gym to gym, but some gym locations in Omaha have been bouncing from company to company.

Genesis Health Clubs recently purchased all Gold’s Gym Locations in Omaha and Lincoln, which is the second recent transition because Gold’s Gym bought out Aspen Fitness Clubs only two years ago.

June 15th is when all locations made the switch from Gold’s Gym to Genesis Health Clubs and

Assistant Club Manager Rick Hennings, said “we’re fully transitioned it was a fairly quick transition.”

The buyout has benefited members and the gym in general, with new workout classes supplied by Mossa. This is an upgrade to the classes Gold’s Gym offered.

Genesis health clubs purchased all of the gold gyms locations in Lincoln and Omaha but they also purchase all the 24 Hour Fitness locations.

“Well there’s now eight locations that all members will be able to utilize four of them still stay open 24 hours a day,” Hennings said.

Genesis Health Clubs purchased locations in Nebraska, Oklahoma and Missouri, now totaling 44 locations in the Midwest. Former Gold’s Gym members get to enjoy the benefits of 24 Hour Fitness Locations such as, swimming pools, indoor tracks, volleyball courts, and tennis courts.

Members from 24 Hour Fitness preferred the scanning their finger print to enter the gym, but now entry requires a scan card.

Former 24 Hour member Eric Smith preferred the finger scanner and said, “you walk right in touch it your done you don’t have to wait and hand your keys to anybody nothing.”

One major change from 24 Hour Fitness to Genesis Health Clubs is the lack of trainers. It was easier to get a personal trainer before the transition.

“I mean it’s kinda nice for anybody who doesn’t use them because there not around anymore,” Smith said.

All 24 Hour location will remain open 24/7. This is convenient to its members and to the Gold’s Gym members as well. Now will more location and flexible hours, Genesis Gyms will be a top competitor in the community.





Omaha Fashion Week is right around the corner and this year marks their 10-year anniversary. The fashion event was founded to give local designers a platform to showcase their work. The very first fashion week shut down two city blocks on Jones Street with two thousand people attending.

Omaha Fashion Week Producer, Brook Hudson said “From that point it has now grown from 12 designers to we work with over 55 designers every year and we have about 9,000 attendees.” 

Designers are taken through a process from the time they apply to the time they showcase their work on the runway. Which, Omaha Fashion Week Producer, Brook Hudson, believes has improved the quality of work shown throughout the years.

“Now our audience is actually buying the work and that’s, I think that a testament to the fact the system is really working now 10 years later,” Hudson said.

After years of moving locations from outside to tents the size of football fields Omaha Fashion Week has a permanent home. The Omaha Design center is a 30,000 square foot blank space for fashion week.

Hudson said The Omaha Design Center is also rented out to other event planners, “that are looking for the similar kind of thing where it’s just a beautiful space that is very flexible and easy to work with.”

The Omaha Design center is where models will be strutting down the runway but first their getting practice at Develop Model Management.

Owner of Develop Model Management, Alyssa Dilts says, “their showcasing in front of so many people so when want to get them ready and make sure their ready for being on stage.”

Omaha Fashion Week Bootcamp is where the selected models learn not only how to walk but also what to do behind stage. Over 270 models tried out this year for Omaha Fashion Week, the highest turn out ever.

“We are getting the word out and people want to patriciate to be a part of this community event,” said Dilts.

For the models not selected to patriciate in Omaha Fashion Week there is always next time.

“So we always encourage people to come back for the august shows that um there are even more spots available as well,” said Dilts.

Omaha Fashion Week will be held Feb 21st through the 26th. But, the real 10-year celebration will be held at the August Shows on August 21st through the 26th.

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With Valentine’s Day coming up the movies will be a very popular place for couples. Especially theaters that offer full dining services like Marcus Midtown Cinema.

General Manager Tommy Hester said, “people want to have that dining experience kind of a fine dining movie experience epically for date night.”

And with the new Fifty Shades of Grey movie coming out it will bring a lot more people into the movies.

“Defiantly romance is in the air so fifty shades darker is probably going to be the number one movie people want to come see that weekend,” said Hester.

Many people are getting prepared and purchasing their tickets in advance.

Derek Dillon, the creative manager at The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, which is also a full service theater said, “right now advanced ticket sales for fifty shades darker is a lot higher than anything else we have right now.”

Fifty Shades of Grey brought in over 94 million dollars opening week and over 166 million in the US, as well as being the sixth rated R movie to top 500 million dollars. The sequel is anticipated to bring in half that.

“So it is still going to do a lot of business it’s just not going to do as much as the first movie,” said Dillon.

The movie itself makes millions of dollars but does it affect erotic stores. After watching the movie are moviegoers going home or are they purchasing the products featured in the film.

Erin Metzler is the store manager of Lover Luxuries in Benson and she said, “when people have seen the first movie I have customers coming in wanting to try certain things they have never tried before.”

The adult superstore carries Fifty Shades of Grey’s own line of toys.

“And so I find that more people that are fans of the books and the movies are turning to purchase those specific toys,” said Metzler.

Fifty Shades Darker will premiere in theaters Thursday, February 9th.

Marco LeRoc Planning to Launch New Book

Author, Marco LeRoc is in the process of publishing his third book. The title and cover have yet to be decided. LeRoc is utilizing MaverickPR a student run firm to help him with planning a launch party. The book will focus on personal development, which is a new topic for LeRoc as his last books covered personal finance. The book plans to launch early January.