Omaha is no stranger to a Forbes top ten list and being number seven on the best places to raise a family it may have some people thinking about doing so.

Omaha is booming in the housing market and that’s because it has the components for making a city grow. Omaha unlike the rest of the country is not affected by the economy.

President of The Deeb Companies, Van Deeb says, “Omaha does not experience the highs and the lows of residential real estate and even commercial in that matter.”

The number one question is when to purchase property and the answer is now. September through February is the best time to purchase from a buyer.

“If you see people put there house in the market during the winter months they have a motivation to sell it now,” Deeb says.

No matter where you are in Omaha you will most likely find construction and that’s because the city is constantly expanding. Which makes it very easy for potential buyers to find their perfect location.

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Ambassador Real Estate Agent Chelsea Mollak says, “Were kind of like a new hot spot”

Omaha is becoming a technology capital in the US and the real estate market is following suit. Online shopping for houses is becoming extremely popular among buyers.

“It just gives them a chance to look on their own with out maybe like the pressure of being with somebody trying to sell em a house,” Mollak says.

Online or in person the market is estimated to increase an additional 3 percent in houses.

Mollak says, “If you get in right now your gonna already have equity in your house in a year.”

“There’s something for every buyer in Omaha,” says Deeb. “Depending on your price range your life style, Omaha has the real estate for you.”

Houses that range from one to two hundred thousand dollars usually sell in less than 24 hours. While more expensive homes are on the market for a little longer, waiting for the perfect buyer.


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