The city of Omaha is seeing lots of changes, and with the development of The Capitol District it will hopefully be seeing more visitors, conventions, and open containers.

The Capitol District has been in the works for over 5 years and is finally coming close to being finished. The 205-million-dollar project is being developed by Shamrock Development.

“We’re building a destination dining and entertainment district serving eastern Nebraska and western Iowa,” developed Michael Moylan said. “It’s all going to surround a central plaza which is a state of the art modern day version of the town square.”

The 90,000 square feet Capitol District will be a visitor attraction holding restaurants, bars, retail stores, and a hotel. Each year around 11.9 million visitors visit Omaha.

Vice President of Marketing and Communication Deborah Ward said,  “We did a recent economic impact research it showed that those out of town visitors spent more than 1.1 billion dollars while visiting Omaha.”

With the addition of The Capitol District it increases the things for visitors to do in downtown Omaha. It also increases the chances of booking larger conventions with the new 333 room Marriot Hotel.

“It’s going to take advantage of this unique location across the street from the convention center arena,” said Moylan.

Having both The Marriott and The Hilton across the street from the Century Link Center is a great selling point to get conventions to choose Omaha.

“People love being right across from there meeting place,” said Ward.

While The Capitol District isn’t finished yet, it is already in the talks of becoming Omaha’s first entertainment district much like Lincoln’s Haymarket District.

President of Downtown Omaha Inc. Roger Humphries said, “So the rules are to be an entertainment district you have to have an arena. So obviously it is a perfect place.”

The Omaha city council has approved the creation of entertainment districts and soon the capitol district will apply to be one of them this means you will be able to sip your alcoholic beverages outside bars and restaurants.

The Capitol District will be very beneficial to not just its location but to downtown itself.

Ward said, “I think the capitol district is a great catalyst for even more growth in the downtown area.”

This summer the Marriot Hotel and the apartments in The Capitol District will be finished and later this summer the retail spaces will follow. But, just in time for the College World Series the parking garage will be open and available to park.




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