There has been a drastic change in what makes retail businesses successful. Online shopping has affected malls and retail stores, but recently millennials are wanting uniqueness and convenience when shopping.

The retail market has seen better days. In the first three months of 2017 nine retailers have filed for bankruptcy, including Gordman’s whose headquarters is here in Omaha. In today’s society consumers want convenience and uniqueness when shopping and the oversupply of retail businesses isn’t cutting it anymore.

Brandi Vincent sells LuLaRoe clothing from her Breautiful Boutique out of her home. She is one of over 50,000 consultants selling brightly colored shirts, leggings and dresses, which are not available online.

“It is social media selling. So you can sell on Instagram, Facebook, or in home sales,” said Vincent.

While LuLaRoe parties are the most successful offering socialization while women shop social media tools like Facebook Live are an easy way to connect with consumers instantly and sell items online. Once a certain pattern is gone, it’s gone. So many consumers are shopping through different consumers to make sure they get the items they want.

Vincent said, “and the cool thing is that nobody has the same inventory because they only make 1,000 of each piece.”

Though purchasing products online is the most popular. Consumers enjoy a unique shopping experience like Omaha’s new mobile boutique, Hello Ruby.

Owner Jill Dudzinski says, “Its just different, its unique, and I think that’s the fun thing is people will be talking about it.”

There are around 300 mobile boutiques across the United States and Hello Ruby is the first in Omaha. The truck will always be on the move parking at different location in Omaha like Dundee and Downtown.

“Obviously being mobile I can go to people houses, I can be at different events, partner with different boutiques even,” says Dudzinski.

Though Hello Ruby recently just launched, that isn’t stopping Dudzinski from coming up with new ideas like opening an online store and even a subscription based service.

“Once a month I come to your house and you know pick out and outfit and I can help style you know,” says Dudzinski. “There are a lot of different things I can do but it’s just kind of figuring out what the customer wants.”



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