An Emmy winner and Academy Award Nominee Filmmaker visits UNO.

Film Producer, Chris Moore is spending the day at the University of Nebraska Omaha to discuss the changing roles of the producer and the changing audience in filmmaking.

Moore has produced films like “American Pie”, “Good Will Hunting” and most recently “Manchester by the Sea”. The film starring Casey Affleck, had a successful award season being nominated for eight Academy Awards, four Golden Globe Awards and four Screen Actor Guild Awards. The award shows are fun but the recognition from the film is more personal.

“It’s great when you can make a movie that you really care about and people actually like it and they acknowledge it and even more exciting for us then the awards is that people are going to see it.,” said Moore. You know you make these things and you want people to see it.

Moore is spending the day at UNO speaking with students as well as talking with Omaha’s film making community to find stories to appeal to a broad audience and what they are interested in.

Moore said, “Just to see how the people react to with the movies and what they think about the entertainment industry.”

Student Khylie Kight is a communication major and is excited to have a successful film producer attending UNO.

It’s really exciting to see someone like producer Moore, just really I don’t know have success,” Kight said. “Being successfully is what everyone wants but you always want to do it for something that you love. “

With his visit to Omaha Moore hopes people will want to get to know who the directors and producers of the movies they are watching and also to help people realize people in the entertainment industry are not that arrogant.

Moore said, “we actually want to entertain people we want to tell stories that matter and Come out and let them ask me questions and talk to me about the business and that kind of stuff.”


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