There is a new fitness trend that is becoming widely popular across the United States. Barre class has elements of Pilates, yoga and ballet that make for a unique workout class.

The Barre Code opens a new location in West Omaha offering four class styles. The most popular being Barre Code, which is a group fitness class designed to create muscle strength, by using low impact movements at high repetition.

Owner of The Barre Code, Bonnie Eisenhart said, “clients are loving it, the community is responding to us so well and we are just so excited to be here.”

Eisenhart was a Barre instructor and master trainer in Chicago and the Dundee location before finally opening her own studio in West Omaha. The Barre Code focuses on strength, cardio and restoration. Strength being the number one of the traditional barre code class working on upper body, core, seat and thighs. The class puts your body into isometric holds to develop muscle endurance, muscle strength and muscle tone.

“We add tiny movements to burn out that muscle group,” said Eisenhart.

What makes the barre code so popular is that it is boutique fitness studio. Boutique fitness has been exploding in the fitness world for several years and members enjoy the sense of community they offer.

Eisenhart said, I think it’s just a place where you can come and feel like the best version of yourself on any given day and I think that’s the type of community that barre establishes.

Clients not only appreciate the community that The Barre Code offers but also the workout itself.

“The class is just a great workout,” said Briana Funaro a barre client. “I leave exhausted and I feel sore the next day but not too sore that I can’t come back.”

Kayleen Colson another barre client said, “its fifty minutes. You get in and get out and it’s just a daily routine that I do.”

Women are flocking to studios like The Barre Code to get a workout and see results. All while having a place to feel empowered.

“That is one of the strongest words that I can use to describe how I want my clients to feel is empowered,” said Eisenhart.


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