Celebrities have access to the hottest trends in the beauty world and you can access them too right here in the Midwest. Omaha is booming with Hollywood trends to give you the star studded treatment you deserve.

Hollywood is full different treatments to keep you looking youthful and fresh. One of the most popular trends Cryotherapy has arrived in Omaha.

West Omaha Cryotherapy Owner, Matt Carney said, “trends kind of start out on the coasts you know what I mean so now its finally starting to get here in Omaha were one of the first.”

Cryotherapy helps with injuries as well as burning calories and boosting your metabolism. The machine turns liquid nitrogen into vapor that gets as low as -260 degrees, which tricks your brain into thinking your freezing.

“That’s kind of where all the magic and all the changes in within your body start to happen that end up being beneficial,” said Carney.

From body to face Devenu Medical Rejuvenation Center offers a micropeel with dermaplaning and a CO2 treatment facial that is extremely popular.

Esthetician Stacie Sharp said, “the micropeel is a resurfacing and renewal service that brightens and freshens the skin”

The facial uses a medical tool to plane the skin and take off the surface dead cells and uses an icy co2 treatment to resurfaces the skin even more and cut inflammation.

“They just look brighter, they look fresher, they have that healthy glow,” said Sharp. 

A trend that is a little bit warmer is float therapy.

Co-Owner of Float Center, Scott Berryman said, “the anti gravity affects of the water that lifts and supports you. Lets your spine expand it lets your joints relax all the muscles tendons have the ability to open up.”

Float therapy is when you float in water the same temperature as your skin in a controlled environment that helps eliminate external stimuli. It is used to help recover from pain or injuries, but what makes this trend so popular is what it does for your mind. People come into get away from the everyday over stimulus.

“So there is quite a variety of reasons why people come into Float,” said Berryman.


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