It’s common for gym members to bounce from gym to gym, but some gym locations in Omaha have been bouncing from company to company.

Genesis Health Clubs recently purchased all Gold’s Gym Locations in Omaha and Lincoln, which is the second recent transition because Gold’s Gym bought out Aspen Fitness Clubs only two years ago.

June 15th is when all locations made the switch from Gold’s Gym to Genesis Health Clubs and

Assistant Club Manager Rick Hennings, said “we’re fully transitioned it was a fairly quick transition.”

The buyout has benefited members and the gym in general, with new workout classes supplied by Mossa. This is an upgrade to the classes Gold’s Gym offered.

Genesis health clubs purchased all of the gold gyms locations in Lincoln and Omaha but they also purchase all the 24 Hour Fitness locations.

“Well there’s now eight locations that all members will be able to utilize four of them still stay open 24 hours a day,” Hennings said.

Genesis Health Clubs purchased locations in Nebraska, Oklahoma and Missouri, now totaling 44 locations in the Midwest. Former Gold’s Gym members get to enjoy the benefits of 24 Hour Fitness Locations such as, swimming pools, indoor tracks, volleyball courts, and tennis courts.

Members from 24 Hour Fitness preferred the scanning their finger print to enter the gym, but now entry requires a scan card.

Former 24 Hour member Eric Smith preferred the finger scanner and said, “you walk right in touch it your done you don’t have to wait and hand your keys to anybody nothing.”

One major change from 24 Hour Fitness to Genesis Health Clubs is the lack of trainers. It was easier to get a personal trainer before the transition.

“I mean it’s kinda nice for anybody who doesn’t use them because there not around anymore,” Smith said.

All 24 Hour location will remain open 24/7. This is convenient to its members and to the Gold’s Gym members as well. Now will more location and flexible hours, Genesis Gyms will be a top competitor in the community.




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