Omaha Fashion Week is right around the corner and this year marks their 10-year anniversary. The fashion event was founded to give local designers a platform to showcase their work. The very first fashion week shut down two city blocks on Jones Street with two thousand people attending.

Omaha Fashion Week Producer, Brook Hudson said “From that point it has now grown from 12 designers to we work with over 55 designers every year and we have about 9,000 attendees.” 

Designers are taken through a process from the time they apply to the time they showcase their work on the runway. Which, Omaha Fashion Week Producer, Brook Hudson, believes has improved the quality of work shown throughout the years.

“Now our audience is actually buying the work and that’s, I think that a testament to the fact the system is really working now 10 years later,” Hudson said.

After years of moving locations from outside to tents the size of football fields Omaha Fashion Week has a permanent home. The Omaha Design center is a 30,000 square foot blank space for fashion week.

Hudson said The Omaha Design Center is also rented out to other event planners, “that are looking for the similar kind of thing where it’s just a beautiful space that is very flexible and easy to work with.”

The Omaha Design center is where models will be strutting down the runway but first their getting practice at Develop Model Management.

Owner of Develop Model Management, Alyssa Dilts says, “their showcasing in front of so many people so when want to get them ready and make sure their ready for being on stage.”

Omaha Fashion Week Bootcamp is where the selected models learn not only how to walk but also what to do behind stage. Over 270 models tried out this year for Omaha Fashion Week, the highest turn out ever.

“We are getting the word out and people want to patriciate to be a part of this community event,” said Dilts.

For the models not selected to patriciate in Omaha Fashion Week there is always next time.

“So we always encourage people to come back for the august shows that um there are even more spots available as well,” said Dilts.

Omaha Fashion Week will be held Feb 21st through the 26th. But, the real 10-year celebration will be held at the August Shows on August 21st through the 26th.

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