With Valentine’s Day coming up the movies will be a very popular place for couples. Especially theaters that offer full dining services like Marcus Midtown Cinema.

General Manager Tommy Hester said, “people want to have that dining experience kind of a fine dining movie experience epically for date night.”

And with the new Fifty Shades of Grey movie coming out it will bring a lot more people into the movies.

“Defiantly romance is in the air so fifty shades darker is probably going to be the number one movie people want to come see that weekend,” said Hester.

Many people are getting prepared and purchasing their tickets in advance.

Derek Dillon, the creative manager at The Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, which is also a full service theater said, “right now advanced ticket sales for fifty shades darker is a lot higher than anything else we have right now.”

Fifty Shades of Grey brought in over 94 million dollars opening week and over 166 million in the US, as well as being the sixth rated R movie to top 500 million dollars. The sequel is anticipated to bring in half that.

“So it is still going to do a lot of business it’s just not going to do as much as the first movie,” said Dillon.

The movie itself makes millions of dollars but does it affect erotic stores. After watching the movie are moviegoers going home or are they purchasing the products featured in the film.

Erin Metzler is the store manager of Lover Luxuries in Benson and she said, “when people have seen the first movie I have customers coming in wanting to try certain things they have never tried before.”

The adult superstore carries Fifty Shades of Grey’s own line of toys.

“And so I find that more people that are fans of the books and the movies are turning to purchase those specific toys,” said Metzler.

Fifty Shades Darker will premiere in theaters Thursday, February 9th.


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