UNO Student’s Benefit From Sports Club’s

University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO) has many opportunities to get involved and being apart of a sports club is just one of them. Carl Mowry and Tayler Haeker are two students who not only participate in a sports club, but in multiple.

Mowry is a junior and has been playing in sports clubs since he has attended UNO.

“I knew that I wanted to get involved on campus and meet people so clubs were a natural extension of that,” said Mowry.

Mowry is apart of UNO Olympic Sport Fencing Club (UNOFC) and Racquetball Club.

Haeker is a member of Women’s Volleyball as well as Racquetball Club.


Haeker practicing her serve at UNO’s Health, Physical Educations, & Recreaction (HPER) Facility.


“I like being competitive and this gives me more of a chance than intramurals,” Haeker said.

There are many benefits to joining a sports club that very from person to person. But, there are four major benefits that make joining a sports club so much better.

  • Trying Something New
  • Leadership
  • Friends
  • Travel

“Sports club strive to promote activity,” written on UNO’s webpage. “Involvement in sports clubs is a voluntary effort to enhance your college experience and compliment your overall education.”

Trying Something New

One of the main benefits of getting involved in a sports club is experiencing a sport that is not normal to you. Mowry said the biggest opportunity was getting a chance to try something new.

Mowry has been involved with fencing prior to attending college so joining UNOFC was a no brainer. Mowry had an interest in racquet sports and decided to try it out.

“Fortunately, UNO has a lot of great chances to try these new things at lower than normal costs,” said Mowry. “I think the biggest opportunity is to play sports that I normally wouldn’t get the chance to try.”

Haeker said she played volleyball her entire life and was excited to be able to continue playing and be apart of the club team. Racquetball was also new to Haeker when joining college.

“I have never played racquetball until my freshman year, and I really enjoyed playing it so I decided to join that club team,” Haeker said.


With joining a sports club it brings responsibilities to those who want to take leadership.

It is a great way to build a resume and relationships.

Mowry said he was in charge of fencing equipment and repairs and plans to be an officer again this year. Mowry also was voted secretary/treasurer for Racquetball Club for the first time.

Haeker said she has thought about taking a leadership rolls but doesn’t know if she would have the time to keep up with the responsibilities.

Taking charge and representing a club sport is great to put on a resume and it also provides great experience. You are not just being apart of the club, but you are apart of the University.


For incoming freshman meeting new people is hard and getting involved is essential in making a college experience successful. This is were UNO sports club’s play a role in making meeting new friends possible.

Haeker meets new people every semester and has made lasting friendships through UNO sports clubs.

“Getting to see my friends and make new friends each semester,” Haeker said. “It has made me a better athlete and gave me life long friends.”

Mowry believes sports clubs benefit both physical wellness and social interaction

“I like the friends you get from them,” said Mowry. “It is a great way to unwind and have some fun with friends after a stressful day of classes.”


The benefits of sports clubs are not just on campus. By being apart of a UNO sports club it gives members the opportunity to travel in and out of state.

Haeker has traveled with both the Women’s Volleyball Club as well as Racquetball Club.

“I traveled to Iowa with the racquetball club and participated in the tournament,” said Haeker. “Also, women’s volleyball has also let me travel and play in different states.”

Mowry competed in multiple tournaments this past year with Racquetball Club. Competing in singles and doubles matches.

Both Mowry and Haeker have benefited from joining a sports club. The more involved students get the better their experience will be.

So many opportunities come from getting involved. Being able to try something new, make friends, take on leadership, and getting to travel playing a sport you love are just a few.


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