The Darling DevelopTV Correspondent

Video Story 2

DevelopTV covers everything fashion in the Midwest. Hosting red carpets at fashion events like Omaha Fashion Week as well as visiting local salons and clothing stores DevelopTV is your go to spot for behind the scenes footage.

Host Jennifer Lauren was just a model at Develop Model Management before she took on the role as DevelopTV correspondent. Lauren and cohost Colt Paulsen interview the who’s’ who of Omaha.

DevelopTV is a branch of Develop Model Management, an Omaha based modeling agency. DevelopTV’s YouTube channel has been up and running for almost a year.

Lauren takes viewers into events like the Fashion Impact Awards as well as clothing stores like Togs and salons like Victor Victoria and BUNGALOW/eight. Lauren even showed a behind the scenes footage of her photo shoot with Hello Holiday.

DevelopTV has been following the growing fashion and scene and continues to grow itself. DevelopTV just introduced a new correspondent to the team.



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