Class Recap: Breaking News

Social media has changed how we get investigative and breaking news. With the rise of technology media has been able to be shared and reported from our iPhones. In class we discussed major events that happened before the social media was around. It is very interesting to think about how such historic events would be handled in today’s era with all of the technology we have.

The movie “All the President’s Men” was based on Richard Nixon and Watergate. To think that this took so long to crack the code and was not leaked into the media would never happen in today. Especially with Twitter facts from stories are posted before the story has been released. The television program “Nightline” began because it was updating the Iran hostage crisis. Back then breaking news was not very common so to think a television series was created because it started out, as breaking news is very cool.

Back in the day breaking news interrupts the television programs that are running on TV. When John F. Kennedy was shot the breaking news interrupted a soap opera multiple times. Now a days television programs are not being interrupted the breaking news is shared online. Sports and breaking news collided when a commentator broke the news of John Lennon’s death during a live football game. When something like this happens it cheapens the story because they were still showing the game when they should of stopped showing the players or had someone come on air.

On February 4th, 2004 Facebook was created and opened to the public September 2006 and Twitter launched in July 2006. The Launch of these two social networks has changed how we get breaking news and continues coverage. It has made it so much easier for us to stay connected to news stories as well as be apart in sharing our side of the story. These make it very easy to tweet or post a major event before anyone as ever written a story or gotten any facts.


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