Class Recap: Web Design & Using Links

Links are very common in stories that allow you to click to send your browser to a different website or story. Curation is the gathering, the organization, and the content that already exists online. Links can be used to back up information in a story or provide more details. You want links to drive views and links that will be important to the story, do not just put links in the story just to have links.

Click bait is when the website will drive viewers to click a million different places to make the website money. If users need additional program or need a user name to view a site you should make that make that clear. Snack able content is easy to look at and easy to understand. It is in small pieces that are easy to read and click. The most common web design format is the grid format. This format was stolen from the front page of a newspaper. The content that is above the fold is the most important so websites are following that trend as well. The scroll format was a no go at the beginning of the web design, but now because of mobile scroll is the main format most websites use.

Most articles people are not finding on the news outlet it is coming from. People will find content on Twitter or Facebook or maybe someone will share the content with us. Usability is if someone is able to find the article without having a direct link. If a website is easy to access it will be easy to find a news story without the direct link. Serif is most widely used in print and Sand Serif is very popular for the read ability on websites and mobile. Novelty fonts are fonts that are creative but not so easy to read. Don’t use all caps or italics very much when using fonts online.



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