Class Recap: Jackie Mitchell

Jackie Mitchell is the creative production lab supervisor at the Criss Library. She spoke to the class about what the production lab offers and also taught us some basics of using Adobe Premiere. Every computer in the library has the bundle of all adobe editing accounts. The production lab also allows students to use a green screen for their recording projects and a 3D printer. Mitchell gave us great places to look up tutorials on getting help with editing. The production lab will be gladly to help with editing questions but you can also go to, which offers free tutorials for anyone on the adobe suite. The adobe suite consists of Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, Audition, and more.

When recording a video for a class project cameras and tripods are available at the library’s main desk. When checking them out you will want to allow time to charge the cameras because they are not always fully charged. For some classes smartphones will be able to used when recording projects. You have to be careful though because it can be difficult to keep the camera steady and available space on the phone may be an issue. Mitchell mentioned checking out a camera in advance to get a feel for how the camera works.

When filming for class projects Mitchell gave us some tips on how to make the best audio. You should always keep the background noise in mind. You should not recorded outside when it is windy our in noisy environments. A great way to solve this issue is by bringing a pair of headphones so you can hear the audio quality while filming. When editing the video all you need is a flash drive 8GB or larger, your content, and time to edit. Some videos may take longer to edit than others so you should always give yourself time to work on the projects. Don’t delete or move your clips after importing. You need to keep all the content on the file until after you have exported and finished editing your video. Finally, you need to save your file, which will allow you to come back and edit the video more and also export the video, which allows the video to be played on all other devices.


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