Christopher Di Giorgio, One Collection Two Cities

PAULSEN: Designer Christopher Di Giorgio has been leaving a mark on the men’s fashion seen here in Omaha. Di Giorgio just finished showing his third collection at Omaha Fashion Week and was chosen as the top designer winning a $500 cash prize.

DI GIORGIO: “This collection was based off of like luxurious materials like velour, some fur, and then one of like the super out there things was this wax denim. Everybody really liked that.”

PAULSEN: Immediately after showing his collection on the finale night of Omaha Fashion Week Di Giorgio flew to Chicago to show his collection at Chicago Fashion Week.

DI GIORGIO: “It was a pretty big leap from Omaha to Chicago just to like get my name out there to people out there that are a little more in tune and in-depth with the fashion.”

PAULSEN: While visiting Chicago Di Giorgio was able to source fabric for his upcoming collection. This collection will have a new vibe from previous two collections.

DI GIORGIO: “This collection compared to the last one is going to be a lot more colorful. My last two collections have been a lot of neutral colors, a lot of brown. I don’t know why I guess it just kinda based on my mood. Maybe I have been feeling brown, what ever that is. But, I am feeling a little bit more colorful lately.”

PAULSEN: For the UNO school of Communication, I’m Colt Paulsen.


One comment

  1. Anna Esch · April 4, 2016

    Hi! I absolutely love your story beat! I wasn’t aware of the fashion scene that Omaha had and I’m so fascinated about it! Keep up the great work!


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