Hello Holiday, From Online to Dundee

The adorable clothing store located in Dundee started off as a successful online business before opening its doors over a year ago.

Sarah Lorsung Tvrdik is one of the co-founders of Hello Holiday. After starting over three years ago the online store has been so successful.

Some of the stores best sellers include a basic dress that is not super fitted called the Dirtbag Dress and a controversial Animals T-Shirt that reads “Be kind to animals or I will kill you”.

“About a year into our online business we started doing pop up shops around town,” said Tvrdik.

With the success of the pop up shops local customers wanted to come pick up their orders and try things on regularly. During this time Tvrdik and her business partner, Megan Hunt, were thinking about opening up a store.

During that time a space in Dundee opened up and Tvridk said they had to get this location. Hello Holiday has been open a little over a year in its current space in Dundee.

“Were happy to have our offices here and to have a store front for customers to come try things on,” said Tvrdik.



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