Twitter Assignment: Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday was full of Republicans and Democrats. It was a battle between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders on the democratic side. While Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio were battling it out on the republican side. I was keeping up with the event and live tweeting what was happening. This was my first experience live tweeting an event that wasn’t an award show or a reality TV show finale episode. The best part was getting the opportunity to use the same hashtag with my fellow classmates and feel connected. Even know hundreds of thousands peoples where using the hashtag “#SuperTuesday” it was fun to have our own class hashtag.

This event was a lot of waiting to see who wins which state. I got a lot of out watching the event and reading all of the updates on my CNN app. I feel like I am more politically savvy after watching two hours of the all night event. It was a lot of work watching Super Tuesday on my TV, check updates on my app and keep up with all my fellow classmates tweets. I remembered how stressful live tweeting is and why I stopped doing it so much. Overall I really enjoyed this assignment and had a blast reading all my classmates hilarious and interesting tweets.

I think this assignment helped me to understand that even if a journalist had stories to write for new outlets they still should be updating their twitter feeds as much as possible. It is a great way to get information out as quick as possibly and to be connected with everyone across the world. I think this will be a great reason for me to keep my twitter account up and running after this semester. Twitter is the fastest way for readers to get updates on live events like Super Tuesday.

Make sure to follow me on twitter at @ColtPaulsen and check out some of my Super Tuesday tweets below.


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