Class Recap: Chris Machian

Chris Machian is Gateway alum and an award-winning photographer that has had photos published in Sports Illustrated and the New York Times. He took a photography class in high school and liked it. When attending UNO he worked at the Gateway, interned at The World Herald and they hired him back after he graduated college. Machian told us some of the basics of new photography. On of the basic things he taught us was to talk to people to see if they will allow you to take pictures of them and when taking pictures of kids permission is always needed.

The basic goal of news photography is to tell a story. Sometimes you do it with one photo, while other times it takes more than one. Newspapers only have room for one if any. Other news sources are able to have more than one photo. There are three types of photos that will be taken for a news story. Tight/detail shot, medium shot and wide shot.A tight/detail shot shows a lot of detail but doesn’t give the whole story. The medium shot is medium length average shot and it a normal photograph you see. A wide shot is what people struggle with the most and gives photos a time and a place. When taking pictures of rooms Machian said “I want to see the room, Who is there?.” What do you see in the photo is what you write. Write what you know don’t guess on anything you see.

It is a bit of a cliché to use words in photographs. Other things needed to be considered are backgrounds, lighting, lens choice, layers, and captions. In the backgrounds you don’t want things to come out of people’s heads it makes it distracting. The background should not compete with the subject of the story. Lighting is the hardest part of taking a photo. When choosing a lens the longer the lens the more it brings the background out of focus which draws your eye to what is in focus. Layers can help with telling what is going on with not always being in focus. Captions identify who the people in the picture, day of the week month day and year, and location.


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