In Class Interview: Dafnis Delgado

While flying from Dallas to Omaha, Nebraska on July 4th the fireworks filled the night sky and Danis Delgado was saying goodbye to her home in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Delgado’s father works for LALA Branded Products and moved his entire family here when he was offered a full time job at the new branch located on 72nd and L street.

Delgado went to Mercy High School in Omaha and said she knew english from going to a bilingual cultural school in Mexico. She said everyone spoke so fast it was hard for her to keep up.

Delgado started with a 2.6 GPA because of the cultural differences. Delgado’s proudest moment was graduating from high school and walking across the stage to receive her diploma.

“I actually did it. I graduated with a 3.0. I am so happy right now,” Delgado said while reminiscing about her high school graduation.

Delgado is a Junior at the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) majoring in Journalism with an emphasis on Public Relations and Advertising and a minor in Creative Writing.

“I love that it is small enough and not a lot of people, but big enough so you don’t feel like you know everybody,” Delgado said about UNO.

Delgado is taking 18 credit hours so that doesn’t leave her much room for free time. She still manages to squeeze in some of her favorite hobbies.

A year ago Delgado started photography and any free time after class she loves to take pictures. She said she is getting better and learning new techniques.

Delgado also loves reading. While deciding what her story beat should be for her media storytelling class the William Shakespeare Folio had a major part.

“There is a William Shakespeare Folio coming to Omaha around April and I wanted that to be apart of my beat,” said Delgado.

Delgado decided to do her story beat on locally owned bookstores. She said she wanted to give people who like to read more options.

After Delgado graduates she said she would love to be a college professor teaching creative writing. She wouldn’t mind staying in Omaha, but would love to move back to Mexico to be closer to her grandmother.

“I miss my grandma,” Delgado said. “Being away from her is the hardest part.”


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