Class Recap: Josie Loza

Josie Loza stopped by our lecture to talk about her career in the journalism field. Loza worked as a journalist since she was 18-years-old. She talked about how she worked at the schools newspaper, The Gateway, during the day and the Omaha World Herald at night. This really stood out to me because she loves being a journalist so much she dedicates her entire life doing what she loves. She has a passion for writing and she continues to share her passion with everyone she meets. Loza said that all journalists are truth seekers. Their goal is to find the truth to write a great story.

Loza worked at the Omaha World Herald and wanted to introduce new people in the community and create interesting stories. Loza had her own nightlife column and was able to write interesting feature stories. She was able to achieve new and interesting stories with the help of social media. Social media was able to get her in touch with readers and she got to know these people who were able to become great sources. After her nightlife column she became the editor of for over five years. Now Loza is back at The Gateway where she is helping college students pursue there dreams and become the best writers they can be.

In the lecture Loza gave great tips to pursuing our dreams in the journalism field. Loza told us to advocate for ourselves. No one can advocate for me better than I can. Another great way to get a job is to creating a portfolio that stands out. The more you are unique the better chance you will have at being remembered and possibly get the job. She also went into detail how we need to create our own opportunities. If you want something you need to go after it. Stop at nothing to pursue your dreams.


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