Class Recap: Iowa Caucus & POTUS at UNO

In class we discussed varies topics from Obama to the Iowa Caucus. I enjoy politics so I was excited to learn about a topic that I am not that knowledgeable in. Katie took over the lecture and gave us her experience and knowledge in both topics. Katie made the lecture so interesting with having been the pool person when Obama was in town and giving information about the Iowa Caucus.

I have never heard of the Iowa Caucus until this year. I was intrigued to learn that it its kind of like a fake election. It chooses the delegate not the candidate. So many people attend and rally for their favorite candidates. The Iowa Caucus gets media attention and that is because it is the first caucus in the United States. New Hampshire tries to get theirs before Iowa, but Iowa always seems to get theirs first. In the Caucus there are stump speeches given to get people to vote. Democrats give stump speeches until there is only one winner left. The republicans just do one round of voting and that decides the winner. Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz won the Caucus this year.

Obama came to speak at the Baxter Arena this year. Katie was in charge of being the press pool for this speech. Her story was so interesting to listen to. I attended the speech, but it was fun to hear what went on before and after he came and spoke. Katie’s job was to record the speech and give it to any media outlet that asked for it. She said her experience was a lot of waiting. She watched the president arrive and then she followed him to a house in Papillion. After that she went to Baxter Arena and once the speech was over back to the airport where the president got on a different plane than the one he flew in on. All media people were they’re supporting each other. Katie asked a fellow journalist if they would give her a picture for her stories online and they agreed. This was nice to know that journalists still support other outlets.


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