Class Recap: Legacy Media

In class we first discussed legacy media. I myself have never heard of legacy media before, but it is media that was around before the Internet was invented. Television networks, newspapers and radio were the main media outlets. There are still legacy media around today such as those who are hyper local. Small towns have weekly newspapers that are still being published. In class Professor Bowen talked about how more people per capita read a small town newspaper in a suburb of Omaha than they those who read The Omaha World Herald. Coming from a small town myself our local newspaper is how everyone gets the latest news on not only our community, but also those surrounding us.

The Internet has taken online media to a whole other level. For example people who read stories online are not called readers they are called users. In class we talked about how anyone reading a news story online has the opportunity to leave a comment about their thoughts on the certain story. They can even share the story directly on all of their social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook. We talked about all the advantaged online media has in class like audience control and time and place access. With online media there is constantly new stories being posted every second. We can look at the latest news in bed, at a coffee shop, at the mall, or even on a walk. Cell phones and laptops have taken online media to the highest point it has ever been.

Non-linearity is another advantage online media has. Now we are allowed to access news stories in any order we please. We can search directly what story we want and skip all the others that are not as interesting. There is an online portfolio of news stories from years ago. It has never been easier to find sources or information.


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