Omaha is no stranger to a Forbes top ten list and being number seven on the best places to raise a family it may have some people thinking about doing so.

Omaha is booming in the housing market and that’s because it has the components for making a city grow. Omaha unlike the rest of the country is not affected by the economy.

President of The Deeb Companies, Van Deeb says, “Omaha does not experience the highs and the lows of residential real estate and even commercial in that matter.”

The number one question is when to purchase property and the answer is now. September through February is the best time to purchase from a buyer.

“If you see people put there house in the market during the winter months they have a motivation to sell it now,” Deeb says.

No matter where you are in Omaha you will most likely find construction and that’s because the city is constantly expanding. Which makes it very easy for potential buyers to find their perfect location.

Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Ambassador Real Estate Agent Chelsea Mollak says, “Were kind of like a new hot spot”

Omaha is becoming a technology capital in the US and the real estate market is following suit. Online shopping for houses is becoming extremely popular among buyers.

“It just gives them a chance to look on their own with out maybe like the pressure of being with somebody trying to sell em a house,” Mollak says.

Online or in person the market is estimated to increase an additional 3 percent in houses.

Mollak says, “If you get in right now your gonna already have equity in your house in a year.”

“There’s something for every buyer in Omaha,” says Deeb. “Depending on your price range your life style, Omaha has the real estate for you.”

Houses that range from one to two hundred thousand dollars usually sell in less than 24 hours. While more expensive homes are on the market for a little longer, waiting for the perfect buyer.



The city of Omaha is seeing lots of changes, and with the development of The Capitol District it will hopefully be seeing more visitors, conventions, and open containers.

The Capitol District has been in the works for over 5 years and is finally coming close to being finished. The 205-million-dollar project is being developed by Shamrock Development.

“We’re building a destination dining and entertainment district serving eastern Nebraska and western Iowa,” developed Michael Moylan said. “It’s all going to surround a central plaza which is a state of the art modern day version of the town square.”

The 90,000 square feet Capitol District will be a visitor attraction holding restaurants, bars, retail stores, and a hotel. Each year around 11.9 million visitors visit Omaha.

Vice President of Marketing and Communication Deborah Ward said,  “We did a recent economic impact research it showed that those out of town visitors spent more than 1.1 billion dollars while visiting Omaha.”

With the addition of The Capitol District it increases the things for visitors to do in downtown Omaha. It also increases the chances of booking larger conventions with the new 333 room Marriot Hotel.

“It’s going to take advantage of this unique location across the street from the convention center arena,” said Moylan.

Having both The Marriott and The Hilton across the street from the Century Link Center is a great selling point to get conventions to choose Omaha.

“People love being right across from there meeting place,” said Ward.

While The Capitol District isn’t finished yet, it is already in the talks of becoming Omaha’s first entertainment district much like Lincoln’s Haymarket District.

President of Downtown Omaha Inc. Roger Humphries said, “So the rules are to be an entertainment district you have to have an arena. So obviously it is a perfect place.”

The Omaha city council has approved the creation of entertainment districts and soon the capitol district will apply to be one of them this means you will be able to sip your alcoholic beverages outside bars and restaurants.

The Capitol District will be very beneficial to not just its location but to downtown itself.

Ward said, “I think the capitol district is a great catalyst for even more growth in the downtown area.”

This summer the Marriot Hotel and the apartments in The Capitol District will be finished and later this summer the retail spaces will follow. But, just in time for the College World Series the parking garage will be open and available to park.




There has been a drastic change in what makes retail businesses successful. Online shopping has affected malls and retail stores, but recently millennials are wanting uniqueness and convenience when shopping.

The retail market has seen better days. In the first three months of 2017 nine retailers have filed for bankruptcy, including Gordman’s whose headquarters is here in Omaha. In today’s society consumers want convenience and uniqueness when shopping and the oversupply of retail businesses isn’t cutting it anymore.

Brandi Vincent sells LuLaRoe clothing from her Breautiful Boutique out of her home. She is one of over 50,000 consultants selling brightly colored shirts, leggings and dresses, which are not available online.

“It is social media selling. So you can sell on Instagram, Facebook, or in home sales,” said Vincent.

While LuLaRoe parties are the most successful offering socialization while women shop social media tools like Facebook Live are an easy way to connect with consumers instantly and sell items online. Once a certain pattern is gone, it’s gone. So many consumers are shopping through different consumers to make sure they get the items they want.

Vincent said, “and the cool thing is that nobody has the same inventory because they only make 1,000 of each piece.”

Though purchasing products online is the most popular. Consumers enjoy a unique shopping experience like Omaha’s new mobile boutique, Hello Ruby.

Owner Jill Dudzinski says, “Its just different, its unique, and I think that’s the fun thing is people will be talking about it.”

There are around 300 mobile boutiques across the United States and Hello Ruby is the first in Omaha. The truck will always be on the move parking at different location in Omaha like Dundee and Downtown.

“Obviously being mobile I can go to people houses, I can be at different events, partner with different boutiques even,” says Dudzinski.

Though Hello Ruby recently just launched, that isn’t stopping Dudzinski from coming up with new ideas like opening an online store and even a subscription based service.

“Once a month I come to your house and you know pick out and outfit and I can help style you know,” says Dudzinski. “There are a lot of different things I can do but it’s just kind of figuring out what the customer wants.”



When you think of reality TV, Omaha isn’t the first to come to mind. But the city has had some locals appear on shows like Survivor, The Real World, Shark Tank and Spikes Trouble in Paradise, just to name a few. But where are those reality stars now?

Back in 2011 Kirby Keomysay competed on Season two of Oxygen’s Hair Battle Spectacular. The series featured hair stylists as they compete for a $100,000 grand prize and to see who can create the most outrageous hair styles.

Keomysay the owner/creative director of Kontempo salon ended up winning the competition and used the prize money to make a dream come true of opening up his own salon.

“I did a little bit of a bathroom remodel at home,” Keomysay said. “Maybe did a little bit of shopping with it too and then, but mostly spent a lot of the earnings and the winnings on Kontempo.”

The show was a learning experience for Keomysay and gave him the skills he needs to run his full service salon, Kontempo.

Keomysay said, “It’s really taught me a lot to be a leader and to kind of train and to guide my stylist the direction they want to head.”

Life after Hair Battle has been normal, although he doesn’t get recognized in public it was a humbling experience and of course a resume builder.

“I would probably do it again because I met a lot of really cool people. I learned a lot of cool new hairstyles, learned a lot of new techniques and I learned a lot about myself as well,” said Keomysay.

Jones Brothers Cupcakes the locally owned business was featured on Food Networks hit show Cupcake Wars, not once but three times.

Owner, Bill Jones said, “we’ve really grown from all the experiences they’ve been really positive for us.”

The show was great for Jones Bros Cupcakes, before the show the business was selling on average 350 cupcakes and after the show aired around 2,500 a day. Now Jones Bros serves more than just cupcakes.

“And so people come in now and like oh you do lunch and I’m like yeah we do you know,” said Jones.

Jones Bros won the cupcake competition on their second appearance on the show. Taking home $10,000 and displaying their cupcake creation at the Country Music Awards.

Jones said, “it’s really helped us out, it really was a net positive for sure.”


An Emmy winner and Academy Award Nominee Filmmaker visits UNO.

Film Producer, Chris Moore is spending the day at the University of Nebraska Omaha to discuss the changing roles of the producer and the changing audience in filmmaking.

Moore has produced films like “American Pie”, “Good Will Hunting” and most recently “Manchester by the Sea”. The film starring Casey Affleck, had a successful award season being nominated for eight Academy Awards, four Golden Globe Awards and four Screen Actor Guild Awards. The award shows are fun but the recognition from the film is more personal.

“It’s great when you can make a movie that you really care about and people actually like it and they acknowledge it and even more exciting for us then the awards is that people are going to see it.,” said Moore. You know you make these things and you want people to see it.

Moore is spending the day at UNO speaking with students as well as talking with Omaha’s film making community to find stories to appeal to a broad audience and what they are interested in.

Moore said, “Just to see how the people react to with the movies and what they think about the entertainment industry.”

Student Khylie Kight is a communication major and is excited to have a successful film producer attending UNO.

It’s really exciting to see someone like producer Moore, just really I don’t know have success,” Kight said. “Being successfully is what everyone wants but you always want to do it for something that you love. “

With his visit to Omaha Moore hopes people will want to get to know who the directors and producers of the movies they are watching and also to help people realize people in the entertainment industry are not that arrogant.

Moore said, “we actually want to entertain people we want to tell stories that matter and Come out and let them ask me questions and talk to me about the business and that kind of stuff.”


There is a new fitness trend that is becoming widely popular across the United States. Barre class has elements of Pilates, yoga and ballet that make for a unique workout class.

The Barre Code opens a new location in West Omaha offering four class styles. The most popular being Barre Code, which is a group fitness class designed to create muscle strength, by using low impact movements at high repetition.

Owner of The Barre Code, Bonnie Eisenhart said, “clients are loving it, the community is responding to us so well and we are just so excited to be here.”

Eisenhart was a Barre instructor and master trainer in Chicago and the Dundee location before finally opening her own studio in West Omaha. The Barre Code focuses on strength, cardio and restoration. Strength being the number one of the traditional barre code class working on upper body, core, seat and thighs. The class puts your body into isometric holds to develop muscle endurance, muscle strength and muscle tone.

“We add tiny movements to burn out that muscle group,” said Eisenhart.

What makes the barre code so popular is that it is boutique fitness studio. Boutique fitness has been exploding in the fitness world for several years and members enjoy the sense of community they offer.

Eisenhart said, I think it’s just a place where you can come and feel like the best version of yourself on any given day and I think that’s the type of community that barre establishes.

Clients not only appreciate the community that The Barre Code offers but also the workout itself.

“The class is just a great workout,” said Briana Funaro a barre client. “I leave exhausted and I feel sore the next day but not too sore that I can’t come back.”

Kayleen Colson another barre client said, “its fifty minutes. You get in and get out and it’s just a daily routine that I do.”

Women are flocking to studios like The Barre Code to get a workout and see results. All while having a place to feel empowered.

“That is one of the strongest words that I can use to describe how I want my clients to feel is empowered,” said Eisenhart.


Celebrities have access to the hottest trends in the beauty world and you can access them too right here in the Midwest. Omaha is booming with Hollywood trends to give you the star studded treatment you deserve.

Hollywood is full different treatments to keep you looking youthful and fresh. One of the most popular trends Cryotherapy has arrived in Omaha.

West Omaha Cryotherapy Owner, Matt Carney said, “trends kind of start out on the coasts you know what I mean so now its finally starting to get here in Omaha were one of the first.”

Cryotherapy helps with injuries as well as burning calories and boosting your metabolism. The machine turns liquid nitrogen into vapor that gets as low as -260 degrees, which tricks your brain into thinking your freezing.

“That’s kind of where all the magic and all the changes in within your body start to happen that end up being beneficial,” said Carney.

From body to face Devenu Medical Rejuvenation Center offers a micropeel with dermaplaning and a CO2 treatment facial that is extremely popular.

Esthetician Stacie Sharp said, “the micropeel is a resurfacing and renewal service that brightens and freshens the skin”

The facial uses a medical tool to plane the skin and take off the surface dead cells and uses an icy co2 treatment to resurfaces the skin even more and cut inflammation.

“They just look brighter, they look fresher, they have that healthy glow,” said Sharp. 

A trend that is a little bit warmer is float therapy.

Co-Owner of Float Center, Scott Berryman said, “the anti gravity affects of the water that lifts and supports you. Lets your spine expand it lets your joints relax all the muscles tendons have the ability to open up.”

Float therapy is when you float in water the same temperature as your skin in a controlled environment that helps eliminate external stimuli. It is used to help recover from pain or injuries, but what makes this trend so popular is what it does for your mind. People come into get away from the everyday over stimulus.

“So there is quite a variety of reasons why people come into Float,” said Berryman.